Husqvarna 545RXT is a brushcutter for professional users cutting or trimming long stretches of heavy grass or other vegetation. Its unique combination of power, performance and comfort means high productivity and low user strain. Simplified starting procedure: just purge, push the start button and pull the cord. Powerful engine with X-Torq® technology offers high fuel efficiency and reduced exhaust emission levels, while AutoTune™ automatic engine adjustment ensures peak performance regardless of fuel quality, climate or altitude. Balance XT harness, adjustable handles and efficient vibration damping help maximise productivity and comfort even for the longest, toughest jobs.

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Extra informatie

Article gross weight calc 23.81 lbs
Article gross weight 10800 g
Article net weight calc 17.637 lbs
Article net weight 8000 g
Benzine verbruik 450 g/kWh
Bougie NGK CMR6H
Brand Husqvarna
Buisdiameter 32 mm
Buislengte 1465 mm
Cilinder diameter 42 mm
Cilinder inhoud 45.7 cm³
Cilinder slag 33 mm
Country of origin Sweden
Dagelijkse trillingen aeqv 3.5 m/s²
Dagelijkse trillingen tijdsfactor 3.5 h
Dagelijkste blootstelling aan trillingen a8 2.3 m/s²
Draad uitgangsas M12x1.75V
Elektroden afstand 0.5 mm
Emissie uitstoot co average 268.74 g/kWh
Emissie uitstoot co fel 536 g/kWh
Emissie uitstoot co gemiddelde 283.71 g/kWh
Emissie uitstoot co%e2%82%82 gemiddelde 885 g/kWh
Emissie uitstoot hc average 40.63 g/kWh
Emissie uitstoot hc gemiddelde 45.98 g/kWh
Emissie uitstoot nox average 1.09 g/kWh
Emissie uitstoot nox gemiddelde 1.28 g/kWh
Emissies co%e2%82%82 gemiddelde 872 g/kWh
Equivalent trillingsniveau ahv eq linker rechter h 3.5 m/s²
Geluidsdrukniveau lwa 117 dB(A)
Geluidsdrukniveau bij oor vd gebruiker 102 dB(A)
Geluidsniveau gemeten 115 dB(A)
Generic name long MOTORZEIS
Generic name short MOTORZEIS
Generic name products MOTORZEIS | MOTORZEIS
Generic power source Petrol
Gewicht excl snoei uitrusting 8.6 kg
Gtin 13 ean 7393080391131
Hus usage Professional use
Machinerichtlijn 2006 42 ec decl no SEC/16/2458
Maximale snelheid 9000 rpm
Motor platform HHVXS.0464AB
Oem grasmes Multi 300-3
Oem harnas Balance XT
Oem trimmerkop T45X M12
Overbrengingshoek 35 °
Packaging height calc 12.756 in
Packaging height 324 mm
Packaging length calc 72.205 in
Packaging length 1834 mm
Packaging volume 184.207 dm³
Packaging width calc 12.205 in
Packaging width 310 mm
Palletaantal 18 pcs
Quantity in master pack 1
Racing snelheid ondergrens 11200 rpm
Stationair bovengrens 4300 rpm
Toeren stationair 2700 rpm
Uitgangsvermogen 2.2 kW
Unit of measure Piece/Each
Power source Petrol
Product usage Professional use


Ignition module air gap 0.3 mm
Type brandstof Benzine


Overbrengingsverhouding 1.4